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 Alliance Française du shar-peï - Valérie Lore 

e-mail: afdsp@ orange.fr 

  1. Scope

The following terms of use apply  between the user, on the one hand, and the service provider  The sharpei archives , on the other hand, and to the use of the "The Shar-Peï  Archive" online platform and services  . In the event of modifications to these terms of use, AFDSP( Alliance Française du Shar-Peï)  will inform users accordingly. Users who, after being informed, continue the use will be deemed to have accepted the modifications to the terms of use.

  1. Party to the contract

Responsible for the platform is Alliance Française du shar-peï with its seat in France  and where the head office is 373 rue Curet bas 83140 Six-Fours-les-Plages 

  1. Services

The Shar-Peï archives  provides its users with a platform for the recall and collect any correct  information about shar-peï dogs worldwide . The goal of Shar-Peï archives  is to provide the user with as comprehensive an overview as possible of his/her own animal and its ancestors on 9 generations , have the possibility to register all test results , and simulate their next litter;

The information available through the platform is provided by the users. The Shar-Peï archives merely plays a purely technical role as disseminator/host, with no influence over the content delivered by users, and neither monitors nor checks information for correctness. Each user is responsible for the content he or she provides to the platform. 

The sharpei archives  reserves the right to delete and block immediately all illegal content publish on the platform henceforth the sharpei archives will be informed by email to afdsp@orange by the users who identify it .  

Only personal use of the platform is permitted; the use of automated access tools (such as bots, crawlers, spiders, etc.) is prohibited. In particular, the user is not entitled to use the platform or its channels for the following:

Use of the platform requires compliance with the law and observance of the rights of third parties. Therefore, the user must refrain from using the platform in any of the following ways:

  1. Ownership of the platform

The platform (including its contents) is, in its entirety and in its parts, the property of  Alliance Française du Shar-Peï is protected by copyright.

  1. Principle of free-of-charge access

The use of the platform – unless otherwise indicated – is free of charge. No legal right for future usage may be inferred or derived by the user from this free-of-charge provision of the platform. 

  1. Registration

All  functionalities of the platform require users to register. By registering, the user makes a binding contract for registered use. When registering, the user is obliged to disclose the requested information, in particular, his or her full name and e-mail address, and accepts the terms of use in their current version. The user undertakes to keep his or her personal registration data up to date.

We will never ask the user to reveal or transmit his or her password except when entering it to log on to the platform.


  1. Payable services

Specific functions are submitted to annual subscription of 20€ or one at a time 1€ for the test mating to the users needs, the price  and the conditions are published on the platform. Billing takes place by means of the payment method(s) stipulated by the Shar-Peï Archives . All charges are payable immediately  .Paypal is the payment  online provider service. 

the price shown is for usage per year and includes taxes and duties. In the case of payment of an annual fee, the due date, unless otherwise agreed upon, is the date the payment is done. The activation for using chargeable services takes place upon receipt or confirmation of the payment. 

  1. Cancellation policy

You have the right to cancel this contract within fourteen days without giving a reason. The fourteen-day withdrawal period shall begin upon conclusion of the payment (activation).

To exercise this right, you must inform us by email  to afdsp@orange.fr, by  a clear declaration of your decision to withdraw from the contract.

To meet the time limit for withdrawal, it is sufficient to send your communication concerning the exercise of this right before the expiration date of the withdrawal period.

Upon cancellation of the contract, all functions and rights of the platform associated with the contract will be cancelled and reversed.

  1. Duration / Termination

Free-of-charge use: The use of free-of-charge services is agreed for an indefinite period. 

Followings functions like Add a dog , search dog and persons consultation are totally free of charges . Any contract for use based on free-of-charge use for an unlimited period . 


Paid use: The right to paid use is concluded for a period of one (1) year. Before expiry of the limited-term payment period, the user will be advised of the possibility of an extension. The payment will not be renewed automatically. 

  1. Availability

The sharpei  Archives performs all services in accordance with the existing technical, economic, operational and organisational possibilities. The Shar-Peï Archives  therefore provides no warranty for any interruptions, failures, delays, deletions, transmission errors or memory failure in connection with the use of the platform. 

The Shar-Peï Archives  through the web agency in mission will endeavour to resolve all interruptions as rapidly as possible.

  1. Uploaded or transmitted content

The Shar-Peï Archives provides options via its platform for users to upload available content like test mating ,  such as photos, texts, graphics, videos, etc. ("content"), and in doing so publish it in forums of interested users or transmit it to another user. Each user is responsible for the content he or she provides. 

  1. Data protection


When registering on the platform, the user will be asked to provide some personal information and has the option of entering data suitable for communication between The Shar-Peï Archives and the user and other users. This includes, in particular, the first and last name of the user and the user’s e-mail address.

On-going use

As part of the on-going use of the platform, the user can enter further data, such as a photo of the user, address information, and other personal information. 


The user expressly agrees that The Shar-Peï Archives may process the above-defined personal data for the purpose of providing access to contractual services and analysing user behaviour.


Our privacy policy below  provides you with details on how The Shar-Peï Archive uses and protects any information that you give us when you use this website.

  1. Applicable Law/Jurisdiction/Place of Performance

 This contractual relationship is subject to the substantive laws of France country .

 All contractual disputes arising directly or indirectly from this agreement shall be handled by the local and competent France court In 83000 Toulon. 


Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how are used and protected  any information that you give us when you use this website. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. You can be assured that we will use your personal data solely in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and this privacy statement. 

Data processing activities and data controllers

The data processing activities consist of providing information about breeding animals, and their breeders and owners.

Data controller  is The Shar-Peï Archives .Purpose of and legal basis for data processing

Contract fulfilment or contract preparation

As the processing of your data is a prerequisite for fulfilling a concluded contract, we may and must process your data. The purpose of the data processing is to ensure the retrievability of information and to provide communication channels for disseminating content and servicing customers.

Legitimate interest

The Shar-Peï Archives is an online pedigree database, available since 2004. Users worldwide provide and maintain the content for it. There is a public interest in the content of the Shar-Peï Archive within the meaning of the GDPR 

Other legitimate interests include: the operational safety and data security of our services; the distribution of information by The Shar-Peï Archive; the measurement and analysis of user behaviour for the purpose of improving our services; the freedom of expression and information; and the placement of our own or third-party advertising, which make it possible for us to maintain many aspects of the service.

Freedom of communication

The primary purpose of the data processing is to provide information to users on breeding animals, and their breeders and owners, in the form of a publicly accessible archive.

The right to process the data is derived from the legal principles of the freedom of the press, opinion, and communication.


We explicitly ask for your consent to use your data for individual services (e.g. for newsletters) for which there is no direct legal basis for processing. You can revoke this consent at any time with effect.

Processed information

Information posted by registered users

Additional data collected by The Shar-Peï Archives on registered users

Data collected by registered users on breeders and owners

Data collected by The Shar-Peï Archive without attribution to users

Storage location and data recipients

All data collected and managed by The Shar-Peï  Archive is stored in ISO-certified data centres within the European Union.

External data recipients and transfer to third countries: 

Storage period

Unregistered users: Personal data (in particular IP address data) on website visitors is kept for IT security purposes for seven days and then deleted.

Registered users: Data on registered users is processed and kept for as long as the user remains a registered user. Our right to use your data expires upon deletion of the account or automatically after 60 months of inactivity. Deletion of the account leads to an immediate deletion of all personal data. The freely selectable display name will, however, remain active for archival purposes, notably for tracking the change history of entries.

Your rights

Under the data protection law, you as the data subject have the following rights:

Right of access: You have the right to request information from us about whether and to what extent your personal data is being processed.

Right to rectification: You have the right to request the rectification of incorrect personal data or its completion.

Right to erasure: You have the right to demand that your personal data be deleted immediately, provided that the legal requirements for deletion exist.

Right to restriction of processing: You have the right to request the restriction of processing. In this case, the data must remain stored, but may no longer be used otherwise.

Right to data portability: You have the right to receive your personal data in a structured, common and machine-readable format.

Right to object: You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data on the basis of an overriding legitimate interest.

Right to complain: You have the right to complain to the supervisory authority if you believe that the processing of your personal data violates the GPDR. In France  the CNIL , is the data protection authority.

General information for the Website:


Domain owner and Responsible for the content: 

Alliance Française du Shar-Peï - 

Valérie Lore  

373 rue Curet-Bas 83140 Six Fours-Les-Plages 

e-mail: afdsp@orange.fr

Data Maintenance

Web agency Six Pixels -France 


We declare therefore that we have no influence on the content of the webpages linked from this website.

We point out that we do not take over guarantee for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the information offered here 

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All texts, artwork, graphics, sound, video and animated files, as well as their arrangements are subject to copyright and other laws on the protection of intellectual property. They must not be copied or altered for trade purposes or transmission and used on other websites.

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