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Mérida du Bouquet d'Epices

picture of dog
Registered Name: Mérida du Bouquet d'Epices
Breeder: Bénédicte NIZET
Owner: Bénédicte NIZET
Sire: Liao-Ning the Red Boy v. Hadimassa
Dam: Once Upon A Time Iz Kotmarian
Call Name:
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 7 JUL 2016
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: France
Land of Standing:
Colour: Red
Distinguishing Features:
Titles: HDA ED2 Paog/Pll Clear
Known Offspring:
Magic Always Comes With a Price du Bouquet d'Epices

Mérida du Bouquet d'Epices

Liao-Ning the Red Boy v. Hadimassa

Royal Rolex

ATTREI RED Antilo Gold Pei

Etual Nuar Priscilla
Chernyi Chizh Chocolate Life Girl Luna

Midnight Music Imperator Bonaparte

Chernyi Chizh Nicoletta Little Star

Once Upon A Time Iz Kotmarian

Dont Worry Be Happy iz Kotmarian

Wrinkled Eyes Izzi Boy for Kotmarian

Eto Moi Lichui Sort Geroina Iz Kotmarian

Primadonna iz Kotmarian

Biro Star Mustang Vartdiv

Tagri Edcher Primadonna Priora Kotmarian